Beaver Projects is the proud owner of a flag pole. Here are the contributions so far...

Untitled flag by Julie Sass for The Party  

Flag for Søren Thilo Funder´s exhibition Friedlos  

Charlotte Bergmann Johansen´s flag for Swingtime : Freestyle  

Colony Of The Psychotic by Claus Carstensen  

Heldigvis Vil Mælkebøtterne Blive Her Bagefter Dig Og Mig / Luckily The Dandelions Wil Be Here After You And Me by Huskegruppen. From En Bygning Vi Rejser / A Building We Raise.

Ingen Hjemme / Nobody´s Home by Sophie Dupont. From Ingen Hjemme / Nobody´s Home.

I Traveler Bocos I Haw To by Gudrun Hasle. From The Suitcase Project.

Elsk Mig / Love Me by Gudrun Hasle. From Hvor Dan Jeg Skriver Et Brav / How I Write A Letter.

Rabies Beaver by Anat Shalev. From I Wish I Was Deep.

Santa by unknown artist. From The Gift.

Shovel, by unknown artist. From You Told Me So.